In 2016, Kerma embarked on its multi-dimensional success journey to reach a point where it
serves over 25 countries worldwide.
Our story began in the middle of the Egyptian western desert. A small farm at Bahriya oasis
marked our beginning with date palms that have been cultivated for thousands of years.

When fresh entrepreneurial minds met, the result was kerma!
And with each date we grow, our passion grows farther, driving us to where we are right now and
to the realization of a dream called Kerma.

All from the Beginning

Kerma Farms, through the great efforts of its date growers,
producers, and sellers pushes through all limits of all its
resources towards the production of a world-scale prime
quality Medjool dates!

The weather of the oasis, the golden sun rays along with the
pure ground water and the nutrient soil all allow for the ideal
conditions for growing the full-of-flavor and nutritious organic
dates we deliver to our customers!

Full Control

We have our own organic farms, growing date palm trees, irrigated with the freshest water and cultivated in Egyptian sandy soil by the hands of experienced hardworking farmers!

Now our farms span across Egypt over 1500 acres, solely owned by Kerma, while having more than 4000 acres of land under Kerma’s direct management and supervision.

Kerma’s Medjool Dates represent the Fresh Taste of Nature!


To become a worldwide market leader in the supply of wide varieties of high-quality dates (especially Medjool dates), transforming Egypt to a Major Date
Trading Hub of global reputation.

To promote a healthy lifestyle culture and help people truly enjoy a healthier version of life.

• To outsource top-quality dates from our own farms within Egypt and our partner growers’ all over the middle east and Africa.




Indulge in Excellence Kerma’s Medjool dates simply taste perfect, giving you the taste you cannot forget!

The secret of our success story lies in the level of quality and hard work we deliver.


Our Factory







acres owned by Kerma


acres under our direct management